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Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on November 26, 2012

Edinburgh Review Issue 136I’m delighted to announce that the next issue of the Edinburgh Review will include a short story by me: Abigail’s Father (nothing to do with Abigail’s Party …)

It’s the first short story I’ve worked on for some time; I enjoyed the change of pace (and the ability to get something completed!) I’m very grateful to the Review for accepting it and I look forward to seeing the new issue, entitled No Shouting Out, as it looks like it has some great writers in it – I shall be in good company.

I’ll also be attending the launch at Waterstones on Princes St at 6:30 pm on Thursday 29th November. Among others, Thomas Legendre will be reading, a nice coincidence as the last time I was doing anything literary in Edinburgh it was in an event with him. Truly, Scotland is a very small world indeed.

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