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Out of a Clear Sky

Out of a Clear Sky - CoverThose overcast dawns are the best, the truest light. There’s no false colour, no shadows or glare. People talk about the cold, hard light of day. There’s no escaping what you can see by it. There can be no confusing, in that early morning light, the truth with the wished-for reality of dreams. The body was still there. He was still dead.

After her long-term relationship ends, Manda finds solace in bird-watching – a hobby her ex introduced her to and which she has embraced for its quiet beauty. The birds provide Manda with an escape from her loneliness, especially as she seems to be losing her group of close friends along with her boyfriend.

But then she falls prey to the ever more sinister attentions of another birdwatcher. As the harassment builds up, she is forced to flee; and details of her own complicated past start to emerge…

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The Sunday Times
‘This is an intelligent novel about a woman in a man’s world.’

The Big Issue
‘Hinchcliffe’s debut novel is a dark psychological crime thriller.’

OUT OF A CLEAR SKY is my first novel and it is published by Macmillan. You can buy it now on, or sign up with to get notified when it is available in the US. It was chosen as May’s Book of the Month on Simon Mayo’s Book Panel, on Radio Five Live, and will be a Radio 4 Book at Bedtime in September.

Press enquiries about the book should go to Sophie Portas –

It came out in Dutch in October 2007, as De Jaarlijst.

6 Responses to “Out of a Clear Sky”

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  2. Adrian Stokes said

    I heard the broadcast on R5 and bought your book which I just finished. You must be very proud; all the more so as it’s a first novel, a fact that isn’t betrayed at all in the writing style.
    It made me feel a tinge of envy towards the activity and community that birders are part of a feat in itself. Mainly though, it flows and parachutes the reader effortlessly into the context and scene throughout and whilst the ending was a possibility from the halfway stage, it wasn’t a distraction and the way the strands of Manda’s life were so adeptly woven into the story was clever and not contrived or off putting. I’ll be interested to read how you follow it up, as clearly this one uses your own life as its template. In the meantime I’ll recommend widely.

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