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Cover Design and Blurb

Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on February 1, 2008

Out of a Clear Sky - CoverI have finally updated the site with more information about OUT OF A CLEAR SKY , which is coming out in May, including the beautiful and haunting cover and the blurb taken from the Macmillan site. I’m grateful to them for writing the blurb because I can never think of anything remotely snappy and/or coherent to say about my book. I know, I know, and I call myself a writer…

6 Responses to “Cover Design and Blurb”

  1. flighty said

    As you know I like the title, and the cover looks good as well.
    I much prefer front covers to have just the title and author on it, with anything else on the back or inside.

  2. Ross Angus said

    It looks like a thriller. Whodoneit? Was it a Mallard?

  3. sallyhinchcliffe said

    You’ll just have to buy the book to find out

  4. lisa said

    oops, Sally, have just sent you an email asking ‘Any news on the novel?’ and then thought of checking your blog and so found this website and that the novel is coming out in May. Fab news. Will purchase asap.

    Truly a heap of congratulations on being the first of our batch (you are, aren’t you?) to make into proper print.
    And also for having the courage to ditch the salary and just write.

  5. Ryan Nephew said

    We are excited about your book. we’re counting the days and this will be one of the first full novels I will be excited to read!


  6. Hi greeat reading your post

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