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Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on May 4, 2008

Well, actually it wasn’t too difficult as Flighty found these at the bookshop he worked in, having ordered them and placed them there himself. But it’s nice to see it facing out on the shelves:

book on shelf

And even nicer to see it in the window:

Thanks Flightbuff! (I think he chose the other book in the window as well, don’t you?)

2 Responses to “Spotted!”

  1. Flighty said

    You’re most welcome! (Yes, I think I did!) xx

  2. Paddy said

    A little late, but I first spotted your book in my local Borders (Angel, London) in May last year and it’s been there ever since. Went in last week to find only the spine showing. Tsk.

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