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Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on June 19, 2008

Black Static magazine – a new one to me, but they clearly have good taste in books – has a nice, thoughtful review of Out of A Clear Sky in its latest issue, calling it a ‘compelling story’ that ‘delivers a gratifyingly ambiguous resolution’. There’s no online version, so you’ll just have to go and get yourself a copy, or else take my word for it.

And I’ve finally got my hands on the May edition of the Literary Review,  which gives it a Highly Recommended:

Anyone who has seen the competitive passion of twitchers in full cry will find this sophisticated first novel both entertaining and credible

One Response to “More Reviews”

  1. Flighty said

    Hello Sally there was one in yesterday’s Guardian,,2285496,00.html
    Sorry that it wasn’t very complementary, but it’s the first so-so one I’ve seen!

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