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It’s in the Radio Times, so it must be True

Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on September 16, 2008

Book at Bedtime will be Out of a Clear Sky, read by Nicola Walker, from Monday September 22nd. I didn’t really think it wouldn’t be, but it’s nice to see it in the Organ of Record

5 Responses to “It’s in the Radio Times, so it must be True”

  1. Ross Angus said

    I’m as giddy as a goose! I hope I can “listen again” (work is the best place to listen to the radio).

  2. sallyhinchcliffe said

    Yes, it looks like it will be on listen again for a week afterwards. Tell all your friends…

  3. I am really enjoying this, a great piece of writing. Do you know what the music being used at the beginning is?

  4. sallyhinchcliffe said

    Chris – thanks. I’m afraid I don’t, but I’ve emailed the production company to find out…

  5. sallyhinchcliffe said

    I’ve found out – it’s Videotape from Radiohead’s new album.

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