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Touring Two Nations in one Day

Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on October 30, 2009

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat, because the nations in question are Scotland and England – and Eyemouth and Berwick, to be precise. But if anyone is in the Borders, I shall be at the excellent Crossing the Bar bookshop in Eyemouth on Tuesday 3rd November at lunchtime, from 12 noon, signing books and chatting to anyone who fancies coming along. And then in the evening I shall be meeting the Berwick Book Group who have kindly invited me along (well, actually, I invited myself and they kindly agreed!) to talk about my book.

If there are any other book groups out there – preferably reasonably local, but you never know – who would be interested in meeting a real live author, please get in touch with me via the contacts page. I’m always delighted to meet real live readers as well…

2 Responses to “Touring Two Nations in one Day”

  1. Janet O'Kane said

    Hi Sally,
    I’m a member of the Berwick Book Group and want to tell you how much I enjoyed your visit. It’s also rare that the group is so unanimous in its appreciation of the books we read and discuss. I’m working on my first novel, hence all those questions I was asking you, and you really gave me a lot of useful information. I’m looking forward to reading your second book.

    • sallyhinchcliffe said

      Hi Janet – thanks very much! I also enjoyed our session enormously and I thought the questions were extremely interesting. Best of luck with the novel, I shall look out for it.

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