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More Mentoring … and More Paperbacks

Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on January 14, 2009

For those of you who are interested, Shaun’s posted another report of our last mentoring session. With Burns night coming up here, I’m reminded of his lines from To a Louse:

O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us

And talking of which – look what arrived in the post yesterday:

pile_o_paperbacksThis is the mass market paperback – the cheapie. On the back, and inside the front cover are the best of the quotes from the reviews, which are always nice to read (especially now, when I’m doing battle with my second novel). I’m torn between ‘an intelligent novel about a woman in a man’s world’ (from the Sunday Times) and ‘sophisticated first novel … entertaining and credible’ from the Literary Review.

Can they really mean me?

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Paperback and Book at Bedtime

Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on September 4, 2008

Here’s a sneak preview of the new paperback cover:

New paperback cover design

New paperback cover design

And if you peer closely, you’ll see why I’m so excited. Yes, Out of a Clear Sky is going to be Radio ‘s Book at Bedtime from September 22nd. And continuing on the radio theme, there’s a nice quote from the Radio 5 Book of the Month programme I did back in May

I’ll put up links to buy it – all of you who haven’t shelled out for the hardback yet, that is – when Amazon have got the page sorted out. At the moment they’re claiming the paperback is by some imposter called Sarah Hinchcliffe…

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