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In Which I Register a Domain

Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on November 17, 2007

OK, so this is serious. I’ve been playing around with this site for a while, but haven’t really made it official. But Birkbeck have just asked me for details of my biography, publications and any website information so I decided to actually take the plunge and register a domain. is now mine, all mine.  I didn’t fancy the naked commercialism of a, or the rampant egotism of a – .net seemed a suitable compromise.

5 Responses to “In Which I Register a Domain”

  1. rivergirlie said

    oh ello! what’s going on here then? x

  2. sallyhinchcliffe said

    Shh, I’m undercover

  3. rivergirlie said

    oh right – i’ll get me coat xxx

  4. Mikeachim said

    I’ve just gone for a *.org. According to Wikipedia, .org was created primarily for individuals. But to me it suggests ‘organisation’, which means I now have to turn myself into a multinational company. Possibly a philanthropic one. No pressure.

    Should have picked .net. *sigh*

  5. sallyhinchcliffe said

    I’ve just spent 10+ years working for a .org so I fancied a change. Strictly, .net is for things like ISPs but I noticed a lot of other people using them for personal sites so it worked for me

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