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First Review!

Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on November 22, 2007

I have been directed to this – the first review I’ve seen of de Jaarlijst which has appeared on Vogeldagboek. According to Google’s handy translator, I think they like it. It’s especially pleasing to receive an endorsement from a fellow birder, which gives me the confidence that I’ve managed to convey the subtleties of the birding world. And it’s a sign too that bird watching may be the same the whole world over…

3 Responses to “First Review!”

  1. HJH said

    The national dutch newspaper ‘Volkskrant’ announced your book in a single paragraph review:
    “Uitstekend geschreven debuut, interessant voor vogelaars, over verraad, verdenking en verantwoording.”
    And yes, they liked it!
    This is how google translates:
    “Excellent[ly] written debut, interesting for birdwatchers, [about] betrayal, suspicion and accountability.”

    (I came to your site to find the original title – I guess it was changed after the Dutch translation?)

  2. sallyhinchcliffe said

    Thank you for this! Yes the title now in English is ‘Out of a Clear Sky’ – originally it had been called The Year List.

  3. meg said

    i’m looking forward to withdrawing my eyebrows too. are you launching?

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