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Two Blasts from the Past

Posted by sallyhinchcliffe on October 31, 2008



I got an email today informing me that this year’s edition of the Mechanics’ Institutue Review – AKA MIR 5 – is available on Amazon. Five! It seems hardly yesterday that I and the rest of the first editorial board were sitting in a room at Birkbeck, agonising over the choice of a title for our new baby.

Anyway, if it’s anything like the last four, I can highly recommend it. This one comes with stories by Ali Smith, Toby Litt and Sarah Salway, as well as a host of other writing by Birkbeck students who you will undoubtedly be hearing more from soon.

And the other blast from the past? Well, my father was googling around the internet the other day and couldn’t help buying me this:

The original and best?

The original and best?

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